Ethiopia, here I come!

17 05 2008

It is official, on June 9th, 2008 I will be traveling with two amazing women to Ethiopia! This is something I never envisioned myself doing (even though I love to travel), but it is bigger and better and more of a perfect fit for me than I ever could have hoped or dreamed!

I have been given the opportunity to visit and photograph the Kingdom Vision International (a.k.a. KVI) orphanage sites in Addis Ababa and Nazareth, Ethiopia. This includes not only the kids, but we are hoping to meet the families who are part of the family empowerment programs there as well. We will also be visiting the citiy of Awassa and possibly Wolayta. This means that I get to meet and photograph TONS of awesome kids who are both up for adoption and being sponsored through KVI. I am beyond excited.

The photo above is of some kids who are being sponsored…the boy, Ephrem is sponsored by my family…and I get to meet him!! How cool is that!?! So anyway, if I really could fit into this blog how excited I truly am my computer would explode, so I will leave it at that.

On a logistical note, I will be out of the country for two weeks, and I will reply to emails and phone calls as soon as the jet lag wears off!

I did put a link to the KVI sites above, but just in case anyone wants more info, here they are:
The KVI site:
The KVI blog:



2 responses

5 03 2011
Dave Filchak

Could I ask you where you got this image of the map of Ethiopia. I work with a not-for-profit organization and we are looking to images (maps) of various countries with this style. Any help would be very much appreciated.



16 03 2011
Andy Williams

Yes, good map (I am in Ethiopia and needed one like this). Also interested in a source of good quality maps like this

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