Sister Broken-hearted…

27 06 2008

Here are some photos that I have the “okay” to post individually (it gets highly sensitive when dealing with adoption). Most of these were taken in Ja Ja, a small community down in a valley of Addis Ababa.  A very large percentage of the people in Ja Ja have HIV.  While we were there, the government dumped a giant load of asphalt, blocking the road to Ja Ja. The children are able to climb the asphalt mountain to get to school, but those who are very sick cannot leave Ja Ja to get medical care, water or food.  In the slideshow in my previous post, the last two photos are of some kids climbing to the top of the asphalt heap.  

These are things that I actually saw and photographed while I was there.  

On the last day we were there, Eyob, the Ethiopian director of Kindgdom Vision International, named me “Sister Broken-hearted.”  Yeah, a very fitting name.


Home again…

27 06 2008

My trip to Ethiopia was unbelievable.  It was life-changing.  It was beautiful.  Honestly, I barely have words for all of the emotions I experienced.  I emailed a friend and said that all I felt the whole trip was sadness and hope, sadness and hope… back and forth every second of every day.

I put together a slideshow so that you all could see the beauty that I saw.  I recommend letting it load before playing. 


Video: Copyright Genesis Photography 2008.  Do not copy.

Music for slideshow by Sara Groves.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane–for ETHIOPIA!!

9 06 2008

Just a reminder that I will be out of the country for two weeks. I will be returning all phone calls and emails when I get back (June 22nd)! Please keep myself, Nikki and Christy in your prayers for safe travel!