Home again…

27 06 2008

My trip to Ethiopia was unbelievable.  It was life-changing.  It was beautiful.  Honestly, I barely have words for all of the emotions I experienced.  I emailed a friend and said that all I felt the whole trip was sadness and hope, sadness and hope… back and forth every second of every day.

I put together a slideshow so that you all could see the beauty that I saw.  I recommend letting it load before playing. 


Video: Copyright Genesis Photography 2008.  Do not copy.

Music for slideshow by Sara Groves.



6 responses

27 06 2008
Ann Roth

This is an absolutely beautiful and thought/feeling-provoking slide show. The photos of these children coupled with the beautiful voice of and lyrics by Sara Groves is a story of an unexpected happiness in a culture one wouldn’t expect to find happiness. The smiling children’s faces and the contemplative expressions of the adults tell a story. I was mesmerized!

27 06 2008
Sara Lawrence

YOU”RE HOME!!!! I cannot wait to talk to you about your experience! Your slide show pushed waves of emotion over me – and I can’t begin to imagine what it was like to actually be with these people. Beautiful and devastating at the very same time.

27 06 2008

We are sitting here with so much emotion. We knew you would be affected, but didn’t know how it would be portrayed in your photography. Your photos captured the most beautiful parts of Ethiopia – the people – and they (the pictures) will touch a deep part of anyone who views them. We are once again praising God for the gift He has given you, not only to record the moment, but to record hope, dreams, agony, wonderment and joy of your subjects. M&D

29 06 2008

Thank you for sharing the pcitures of your trip to Ethiopia. I know how much my trip changed me- so much in fact that I am returning to adopt another child (and you were able to get a couple of pictures of her in your video from KVI.) It was wonderful to see how well she is cared for and also to see what a great need there is in Ethiopia for us to do something…anything…for these people who suffer so much.

29 06 2008

Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. Our little guy is at the KVI home and we can’t wait to go get him. 🙂

15 07 2008

Hey. Welcome home.

….Wow! CAN’T WAIT to hear all about it! Let’s take a few walks or something at the lake…w/out the boys…and please, talk my ear off!

See you soon!

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