Sister Broken-hearted…

27 06 2008

Here are some photos that I have the “okay” to post individually (it gets highly sensitive when dealing with adoption). Most of these were taken in Ja Ja, a small community down in a valley of Addis Ababa.  A very large percentage of the people in Ja Ja have HIV.  While we were there, the government dumped a giant load of asphalt, blocking the road to Ja Ja. The children are able to climb the asphalt mountain to get to school, but those who are very sick cannot leave Ja Ja to get medical care, water or food.  In the slideshow in my previous post, the last two photos are of some kids climbing to the top of the asphalt heap.  

These are things that I actually saw and photographed while I was there.  

On the last day we were there, Eyob, the Ethiopian director of Kindgdom Vision International, named me “Sister Broken-hearted.”  Yeah, a very fitting name.




4 responses

27 06 2008

Amazing. Still hard for me to believe my own wife witnessed the reality facing the people of southern Ethiopia. But the way you see people and capture their souls in your photos is stunning.

I think this is your best work.

30 06 2008
Jen Knox

Jenny Jen, these images are amazing. I cannot wait to see more. I really and truly love your work!

1 07 2008
courtney fisk

Jen, these are amazing. I am so happy that you were able to experience such an amazing trip. God is so amazing.

22 07 2008
Heather Micheels

These look like nationally published photographs.
I hope you are entering contests or something so people find out about you. Your work is incredible. I go to your page often just to be amazed.

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