Tiny humans…

17 07 2008

I don’t know what it is about newborns, but when I get calls/emails for newborn shoots, I get so excited! There is just something about being able to introduce a face to the world that only a few people have seen…a new person who just started life! How cool is that?! (And who doesn’t love to hold a newborn baby?)


Turning One…

10 07 2008

I love photographing one-year-olds. They are fairly predictable, yet each child at this age is just beginning to develop their own personality.  And this little guy is no exception.  Here are some photos from a shoot in early June. It was such a delight to photograph him and his big sister!

Blast from the past

5 07 2008

Okay, I was just looking through my ridiculously unorganized photo archives for an original photo that I took long ago. While I was doing so, I came across these PRECIOUS photos of my two boys. I took these back in my film-only days, when post-processing was as simple as picking up the negatives at the local photo shop. I miss letting the film do all the work for me! Anyway, I just had to share these. Hope you enjoy!

Gettin’ hitched…

4 07 2008

Kyle and Beth are getting married! I took photos of them before I left for Ethiopia, and just recently got done with their proofs. Ah, the beauty of travel…

So for those of you who are waiting for me to catch up, be encouraged! I am moving along…slowly but surely.