Baby Maddie turned ONE!

23 09 2008

You may recognize this little one from a newborn post last year. It just so happens to be ANOTHER family that I love! It has been so wonderful to watch Maddie grow and to see her personality blossom. As you can see from the photos, she is a sweet, sweet, little girl who is loved beyond words by mom and dad.

Chasing the High-Energy Hooligans

19 09 2008

I love this family. They are dear friends of ours and it was so fun to photograph them! I don’t get nervous very often anymore before shoots, but I found myself feeling crazy nervous before this shoot. Partially because these are people that I love and I want them to be pleased with my photos, partially because the dad of this fam is an AMAZING graphic designer (check out his site and partially because both of these kids are hilarious, high-energy hooligans that I knew would make me work hard! (And they did!)

Anyway, here are the photos. Enjoy!

Newborn girl…

7 09 2008

with mom…

And her big bro, of course!

What a beautiful family!

The new cover!

3 09 2008

I just wanted to post the new issue of Queen of the Castle because it is my photograph on the cover! I was honored to do the “Birthday” issue this year. They also do a fun section called “Both Sides of the Lens” which has questions answered by both the photographer and model, so check that out as well.