Too much fun?

28 10 2008

As I was looking through these senior portraits, I realized that I had way too much fun on this shoot. We went to all kinds of locations, we laughed, we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather, Sarah did the robot…

I think these are my favorites…so stunning!!

People often say…

21 10 2008

“Wow, how cool that you are a photographer. You must just have millions of gorgeous photos of your boys!”

And my answer is: Well, yes and no. Because I am a photographer, I have my camera out a lot….so my kids hate it for the most part. But, because I am their mom, I get to catch them at their best (and worst) moments like no one else could. So on my mission to get a good photo of both boys for our Christmas card, I experimented to see if there was some kind of formula, like maybe:

Photographer + two sons + cute outfits = great photos

Let’s see if it worked…

Attempt #1: This happened to be a day that I decided to try and get a cute “fall-ish” photo of the boys.

Attempt #2…on our way to a wedding reception: Cute, but a little bit forced…

Attempt #3 with Cy: just happened to be in a good mood and just happened to be a beautiful day. These are the moments that I LOVE!!

Attempt #4: Scrapped the cute outfit idea, thinking that may have thrown us off. Well, I’m pretty sure this one speaks for itself….

And last of all, attempt #5: after lots of sugar…

So there you have it, folks. After 5 attempts, I am not sure I have even ONE photo that is suitable for the Christmas card! But Halloween, YES…(see attempt #4).

Something cute…

15 10 2008

So I just have to tell you guys something cute that my 3-year-old said. I was working on my computer, editing these beautiful maternity photos and Cy comes up to me, looks at the screen and says “hey mom, why is she stickin’ her belly out like that?”

This comes from the same boy who told his dad that he learned about “Seed Johnson” at preschool when they were talking about apples.

Anyway, here are the maternity photos. I will try to post some of Cy soon.

These next few are some of my favorites…I love the vintage kitchen and apron.

Busy Busy…

14 10 2008

Have I mentioned that I love photographing High School Seniors? Well, I do. And the senior sessions are in full swing, let me tell you! So I am going to get right to posting photos and I’ll do more writing later, when all is caught up.

Yay! Finally!

4 10 2008

I don’t have too much to write on this post, being that it is 1:40am and I am feeling a bit tired. I just wanted to make sure that I posted these GORGEOUS photos before I hit the sack. I know this young lady has been waiting ever-so-patiently for a sneak peek at her senior photos. I hope they were worth the wait!!

The Farm

2 10 2008

I was so excited to photograph this family! Not only are they super fun people, but they have a GORGEOUS farm about an hour from here. The view of the surrounding hills was as breath-taking as I had remembered it, and we got to do something I have always wanted to do: take photos in their pasture! I even had a wonderful drive blasting my tunes with the windows down, smelling the corn fields along the way. Isn’t it amazing how certain smells can just take you back in time? I grew up in a very rural area with farm land surrounding…and although I don’t miss the manure, I sure miss all the other sights and smells from that time period in my life.

Their little guest house…