28 12 2008

You may remember this family from a post last year titled Oh Christmas Tree but you didn’t see their latest addition! Yep, this already wonderful family added a little boy to the fun about a month before this shoot. And look how cute he is! Even though it was freezing the day of the shoot, Baby slept the whole time in his little bear outfit. And Big Sis was super excited to help pull the tree with Mom and Dad.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!









And I would love to know which finish you like better on this photo (below). I can’t decide. I absolutely love both.

Leave your vote. Will it be color or BW?





One response

29 12 2008
Jen Knox

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JEN! Hope you are enjoying your day. I did not get a card off, but I’m thinking about you today.

Though B&W is always classic and you totally rock it, I would have to give the slight edge to color for that last photo. There’s something about the warmth and richness of the colors that I really love. Though I agree, it’s completely beautiful in B&W as well!

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