Turning 30!

5 01 2009

When I met this client, it was great to know that we had something special in common…we both just turned 30! And while she spent her 30th birthday abroad, while I spent mine “pretending” to be be abroad (we ate supper at an Ethiopian restaurant). : )

Actually my 30th birthday was wonderful. We did eat supper at an Ethiopian restaurant in Minneapolis, we stayed over night at a hotel (with no kids!) and the next day I got to watch my best friend slip hilariously on some mushy snow/ice (the slow-motion kind of slip where you look like a cartoon character and you don’t really get hurt.) I also got to eat brunch with two pastors and a teacher at Hell’s Kitchen (a little bit of irony?) in downtown Mpls , and if you haven’t been there…wow. I would totally recommend it. The food was outstanding.

Anyway, here are some photos from my session with a wonderful (and might I add hilarious?) recently-turned-30-year-old.












3 responses

6 01 2009

These are stunning, birthday girl! Glad you’re 30th was super fun.

6 01 2009

These are awesome ~ maybe you could take pictures of me when I turn 30! (and thanks for the shout out!!)

7 01 2009
Jen Knox

I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday. I’m so sorry we ended up not able to come; Grant may have told you that my mom was in the hospital over Christmas. Happy 30th!

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