24 03 2009

I am so sorry about the delay in posts here on the blog. This winter has been so different than others; I have kind of put my business on the back burner, as we have been preparing our home study and paperwork for our adoption! If you haven’t already heard, yes, it is official, my husband Grant and I are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia!!! Some of you may remember that I traveled to Ethiopia last summer with a couple of women, one of whom started an organization called Kingdom Vision International, which currently has two orphanages in Ethiopia. Click here for some photos from the trip.

Well, it is no surprise that my heart was broken for these kids, and Grant and I immediately started the process when I returned. We are hoping to be matched with a little girl some time soon, and once everything is official, we will be going to Ethiopia to bring her home! It has always been a longing in my heart to have a daughter, and now the time has finally come!

So in my excitement for our daughter, it was extra fun to do this photo shoot last week. I even had the chance to practice my braiding, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I did a great job for not having braided hair in about 10 years (although you can’t really see my “braid-work” in the photos). : ) I absolutely LOVE getting the opportunity to photograph these beautiful girls. Not only are they sweet, well-behaved and super fun, but they have a mom who has the most artistic sense of style that I know of. The dresses they are wearing were hand-made by their mom, and the sweater too (you may be able to buy similar items from her on Pretty inspiring!

So here are the girls:





















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24 03 2009

Oh my goodness I can’t wait for you to take some sweet pics of my girls…and my boys, but come on – the hair ribbons and the dresses! These are awesome!

24 03 2009

Seriously – this is the 5th time I’ve been back to see the pictures since I woke up this morning! What a blessing and a wonderful way to start my day. I’m inspired to create today and am heading down to the sewing machine shortly! You’re the absolute best! (and that’s no joke!)

27 03 2009
Jen Knox

Beautiful! Oh, how much more am I excited now for my little girl!!!!

3 08 2009
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