Leavin’ on a Jet Plane–for ETHIOPIA!!

9 06 2008

Just a reminder that I will be out of the country for two weeks. I will be returning all phone calls and emails when I get back (June 22nd)! Please keep myself, Nikki and Christy in your prayers for safe travel!

lady in red

7 11 2007

Lady in sweet red socks, that is!

As I was proofing this session, I couldn’t stop thinking about an episode of Days of Our Lives from way back, when Patch and Kayla danced to that rockin’ tune. Although Kayla DID have a red dress on, not awesome red socks like the senior in this shoot.









Christmas is coming!

11 10 2007

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that if you want prints before Christmas, you need to book your session before November 15th. There are only a couple dates left in October…I am almost fully booked! So give me a call or email me soon. Thanks!